Sunday, August 29, 2010

Rebellion and Riot.

At twilight, the Brunswicker Dragoons in Churchill's Army charge into Maratha Rebel cavalry during a small action in India.
(1798 Winter, Hindustan) Major Boone eased down and sat by the campfire. Today he along with the East India Company Army had engaged a rebel force best described as an offshoot of the Mughals. Casualties had been light for the British, but regardless month after month of patrolling Hindustan had not tamped down the the unrest.

South of the Company Army in other provinces, the same held true. The Regular British Army had its hands full too. The Mughal Empire, beat back was still struggling and had time to get back on its feet.

An intelligence officer, was sitting at the fire. In his late fifties, beard and civilian cloths. "Not a bad action you chaps had today." said the intelligence officer.

"Well yes" said Boone. "Surely at some point we will establish order, we campaign out in the field, and the city has riots. We quell those and then its back out here after rebels and bandits!"

"We are not the only ones, India is on fire. General Churchill pushes his army all over quelling troubles, then you heard about the Mughal Army that went up the east coast, got to within a few hundred miles of Calcutta."

Boone replied. "Indeed, two Company foot regiments and a handful of local militia units held back the Mughals. Damn fine thing, they were fighting in the streets of Cuttack."

The intelligence officer nodded affirmation and threw the bitter remains of his tea in the fire. "Well, time to turn in."

The defense of Cuttack, two East India Company foot regiments and a rag-tag assortment of militia and armed citizens held back eight Mughal regular regiments. The large town hall seen in the picture was the last defense which held! The British met the foe on the outskirts of town, but kept falling back to stronger positions wearing down the Mughals.

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