Monday, September 6, 2010

General Churchills push on the Mugals.

Major Noel Boone rode over a ridge with his squadron of calvary. Below and in the distance could be seen dust and bustle as the Royal British Army in India was crossing the Godavari River. He and his men from the Peshawar Lancers had been detailed to split from the East Company Army, meet with General Churchills Royal Army and escort back a battery of cannon.

Several hours were spent getting over the bridge. Once over the Godavari River Major Boone found General Churchill with his staff. A Colonel turned his horse and intercepted Noel. "Sir!" with a Salute Boone greeted the Colonel and handed over his orders. The Colonel looked over the paper. "No bloody chance right now of you getting that battery I'd venture!"

General Churchill a few feet away looked over. The staff Colonel handed over the papers. Lord Churchill looked them over then said "Major Boone, pleasure to see you, we have a Mugal Army just ahead. We will hang on to you Battery of Cannon for a few days, actions seems eminet. In the mean time I will assign you as extra escort and security to our Artillery officer."

Two more days of dusty march in the large British column. Then the third day the British Army met the Mugals. Boone and his squadron trotted along with the artillery train. The British Royal India Army fanned out into position. The Mugals had formed a line in the distance and seemed to want to play static defense.

Boone noted with interest the Artillery deploying. Men, horses and wagons hurridly setup. Soon in front of Boone the cannon opened fire upon the Mugal lines. Smoke soon obsured the battlefield but the steady fire continued.

2nd Foot Forward! The British Infantry moves towards
the Mugals. The British Artillery Batteries can be seen
on the Ridge.
To his left and right suddenly British Infantry started advancing. Into the smoke marched the Foot Regiments. The artillery ceased firing, the smoke cleared and Noel witnessed the infantry march to musket range and commence firing volleys. Once again smoke shrouded the battlefield.

The batteries in front of Boone then burst back into activity. Cannon were moved and re-sighted. On the right flank of the British Army large forces of Mugal infantry and calvary had turned the Brit Line. A regiment of Grenaders actually broke and ran. "Infanmy! those blokes are rioting!" Said Boone to Sargent Joseph next to him.

Into the masses of Mugal poured solid shot and exploding shells. The well aimed artillery took its toll, then British Foot Regiments that had been put in reserved ran to new positions, fired into the enemy and held.

"The roar of cheering then echoed over the battlefield, British infantry in the middle of the line had fixed bayonets and charged the Mugals. The Mugal Army broke and ran. Victory was at hand.

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