Sunday, August 29, 2010

News from around the Empire. (Summer 1796)

Declarations of War came in from the Mugal Empire and the United States of America. His Majesty and his advisors just wanted North America to remain a sleepy theatre while maintaining the status quo. British attention had firmly stayed on India and commanding the seas.

The USA threatened Canada, but the Brits pushed down to Maine, invaded took that State, lost it back then a peace tready was signed. However an epic struggle took place which during the 'Battle of Maine' high quality American Foot Regiments and British Foot Regiments traded musket fire for one of the longest battles yet experienced.
'Hellfire Hill' at the Battle of Maine. USA and Brit forces locked in a caldron of fire! (The Brits won an action, then lost one. Near-run battles, won or lost make the game fun as heck.)
The Brits defended and won that action, but then lost the next and retreated back north to Canada, but held the Army together. Due to British resources being devoted to the Royal Navy and to building armies for India, the British had one Army againist several large American forces. Stalemate was not a bad result at all.

On the Mugal empire stabbing the Empire in the back with a Declaration of War. Meyhem in India is just what the Brits are looking forward to. A large East India Company army and also a regular British army with many famous & elite regiments are ready to campaign in the sub-continent.

The HMS Thunderer locked in mortal combat with a 2nd rate Dutch ship. The Royal Navy repeately faced Dutch and French fleets in the Channel maintaining mastery of the Seas.

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