Saturday, August 28, 2010

Stand Into Danger.

Governor-General Barnabas Bailey,
East India Company
Governor-General of the East India Company, Barnabas Bailey sat at a makeshift desk in his cabin upon the HMS Warspite.  Appointments, assorted paperwork and intelligence reports all called for his attention. The fleet he was sailing with had touched upon the southern tip of India, just a few days more and they would be at the East India Company's territory of Bengal. He then officially assumes the reigns of office.

"This will do for the army appointments for now, gather these up." Said Governor Bailey to his secretary.

"Governor, did you sign the commission on Captain Boone?"

"Yes, distasteful business with the Stirlings, shocking scandal, no wonder he is heading for India, but where would we be with the Company Army if his sort did not enlist." said the Governor-General with a smirk. "Half the officers are broke, fleeing scandal or wanted men!"

The Secretary laughed. "Yes but at least he has quite the record, a fighting cavalry officer was with the Brunswicker Dragoons, a nice addition where are you sending him?"

"Oh General Pennington will sort that out. But I understand Colonel Crenshaw of the Peshawar Lancers is in bad need of officers. Now lets close shop, I have dinner with the Admiral."

Captain Noel Boone.
Urgent knocking at the cabin door of  Noel Boone and three other army officers who like the Governor-General were shipping out to India, followed by the entrance of a midshipman.  "Sirs, the Admiral sends his compliments and wished to inform you that French Ships have been sighted. "Should you desire to come up to the deck. They are clearing for action."

Boone and his fellow Army officers followed the midshipman up to the quarterdeck into gray cloudy morning. Admiral Kitchin turned to them. "We have sighted three French ships of the line, we are giving chase and expect action within the hour. You should repair to the bottom hold."

Boone replied "Sir, I will stay back out of the way over on the lee side of the quarterdeck, but protest at going below desk, better yet give me a musket and I will join the Marines. His three fellows concurred in the sentiment for action."

"As you will sirs, report to Lt. Coffin. If you will excuse me" The Admiral without waiting for a reply turned to issues orders. More pressing business than Army officers needed tending to!
The Royal Navy Battle Line lead by Admiral Paul Kitchin.

Boone and his fellow officers from their viewpoint on the deck along side Marine sharpshooters could see seven Royal Navy ships of the line followed the HMS Warspite towards the French in line ahead formation. Off the starboard quarter and trailing the small brig HMS Bounty kept her distance, a line action was no place for that small ship.

The British had the weather gage and better speed due the French having fouled bottoms. With the wind coming off their port side the Royal Navy ships steered Northwest. The three French ships turned to attempt to 'cross the T' of the British, but falled when they missed stays.

Chain shot screamed over deck of the HMS Warspite as she approached the French. She received two broadsides as she maneuvered in close to the French 2nd Rate flagship Spartiate. At close range Warspite finally thundered a full broadside into the hull of the Spartiate. The Marines and their guest Army officers  fired their muskets at enemy personnel on the large French man of war. The Warspite moved on and in line the HMS Dark Prince then the HMS Repulse also fired concentrated broadsides into the Spartiate.

Boone suddenly felt a shock and was thrown to the deck, he crawled up and felt as if he were not injured. He looked to starboard over the rail seeing a awe inspiring sight. A huge mushroom cloud and tons of debris were flying through the air, the Spartiate had suffered a magazine explosion and was lost to the French.

For several more minutes the eight Royal Navy Ship poured cannon fire into the two remaining French ships. This took its toll and then the French ships Entrepoenant and Patriote both struck their colors, surrendering to the British.

HMS Warspite firing upon the French line. The fine old ship lived up to her name. She went straight at the French flag shp taking two broadsides before she could fire.  The following Brit ships were then delievered right upon the foe each blasting the French with broadsides as the line progressed along the enemy ships.

(Strategy Tip: At close range and especially if its the first salvo, holding your fire then using the Broadside button delievers outstanding results. The damage bar on the enemy moves instantly!)

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