Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Duel

Lady Sophia
Sounds from the Nottingham New Years Eve Ball held at the Stirling Estate; music and excited conversation lightly echoed into dark sitting room. On the couch locked in the throes of passion were Captain Noel Boone and Lady Sophia Stirling. Sophia, a beautiful blond in her late thirties had her gown pulled up to her hips, Noel on top of the Lady and as they made love she giggled then whispered "I'm trying to be quiet."

Suddenly the double doors to the sitting room burst open and light raced into the room. Two couples stood at the threshold and exclaimed in shock at the sight. As the lovers sprang up quickly trying to sort out their cloths, Sir John Stirling came down the hall, looked to see what the disturbance was about and instantly perceived what had happened as he entered past the couples.

He cursed the lovers then in anger struck Captain Boone. Over Lady Sophia's mumbling and crying Boone demanded "satisfaction."


In a secluded clearing surrounded by woods on the River Trent were Captain Boone and Sir John Stirling with their seconds.

At the signal Boone and Stirling commence their duel with swords.  Stirling thrust twice, both times Boone easily parried the moves, he was taking Sir Johns measure. Another cut this time with more effort, again parred. Boone then feted to Stirling face, Sir John moved to block. Boone then drove a hard thrust right at his foes chest. Past skin, ribs and into the heart drove Boone's blade.

Noel Boone saw shock, then pain in Stirling's eyes, Boone withdrew his blade and Sir John fell instantly dead.

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